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SuperDuper! could not locate the Destination volume

I use SuperDuper! on a number of machines with great success, but I'm having trouble with one.

It's by far my oldest machine. A 450 MHz PPC G4, running 10.3.9, and I'm using SD 2.1.4 on it.

I have it connected to a LaCie Firewire drive that I have divided into two partitions. I call them LaCie1 and LaCie2. I have SD set up to back up to LaCie1 on weekdays at 2:30am, and to LaCie2 on Saturday.

The backup to LaCie2 works flawlessly, but almost every time I come in in the morning on a weekday to find "| 02:30:04 AM | Error | The automatic copy aborted because SuperDuper! could not locate the Destination volume named LaCie 1." The SD pane on the screen shows a blank in the pulldown menu for the destination. To put it simply, SD couldn't find LaCie1, and it gave up. But it's mounted. The icon is on the desktop. I can click on the icon to open it!

So I sigh, select LaCie1 in the pulldown, and manually command a backup. Works fine.

So what's going on? I can do a manual backup easily, but the scheduled backups don't seem to work on one of the two partitions.
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