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SMB/CIFS or NFS for NAS Device

I'm putting together a plan to backup my wife's iBook and am strongly considering SD as the software component. For hardware, I'm looking at the Western Digital Net Center drive, which is an external drive which connects via ethernet rather than USB/Firewire (this will allow me to also use the device for a networked printer and to back up some Window based systems without moving cables - sorry for the profanity). The WD drive can format volumes as either CIFS(SMB) or NFS.


1. I'm assuming that SD can create a sparse image on either a CIFS or NFS volume and that neither file system has volume size limitations that would cause problems (let me know if I'm wrong). However, is one file system prefered over the other?

2. What is the recommended minimum Mac OS X level (I think my wife's iBook is at 10.2 now)?

3. Are there benefits to upgrading to the latest OS X?

Any insights are greatly appreciated.

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