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Updating Sandbox

From p. 36 of the SD! User's Guide, this looks like the routine for updating Sandbox from the source (Mac HD):
Copy Mac HD to Sandbox; using "Sandbox - Shared Users & Applications"; with "Smart Update from Mac Hd to Sandbox" instead of the original "Erase Sandbox, then copy files from Mac HD", which takes much longer (an hour vs. 3-4 minutes).

However (on p. 41) if for some reason, one originally created Sandbox using "Copy - all files", then he must retain this vs. "Sandbox - Shared Users & Applications" when Smart Updating, otherwise the copy process will erase all those files not included in the latter script (except for System-owned files, I assume).

I believe I've correctly interpreted those instructions, they looked contradictory at first, until I reread them a few times. In fact, I at first thought that "Copy - all files" was being recommended as the preferred way of doing Smart Backup of Sandbox. My big question is, why would one use "Copy - all files" to create a Sandbox? It doesn't seem advantageous to me, although it probably wouldn't cause any functional problems. Dale Meyn.
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