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Boot SnowLeopard Mac w/Leopard clone?

My 24" iMac running Leopard is in the shop w/hard drive failure. I have an SD clone of this iMac/leopard on an external hard drive. I "restored" this clone to a new G-tech drive using SuperDuper, so now I have 2 clones. This way I do not harm the first clone.

I thought I could use clone2 to boot a 27" iMac running Snow Leopard but no luck so far. I don't want to restore my clone to it; I just want to use the clone.

The clone is seen in the startup manager and I can select it. I do get the Apple logo, but nothing else happens.

Thinking I did not do enough in formatting the G-tech drive, I erased it, made sure everything was GUID, partitioned it. RE-restored the clone to it. Tried to boot the Snow Leopard 27" iMac. Still no luck.

Why is this not booting the machine? Ideas?
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