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Question Can SD do this?

I last stuck my head in here in April, when I asked if SD was suitable as a replacement for Retrospect for backing up to CD's. The clear consensus was that it wasn't.

Since then, I've gotten a Fujitsu FireWire magneto-optical drive for backups--MO disks have the rep of being pretty much bulletproof, unlike CD's. At the suggestion of someone in my local user group, I also adopted a different backup strategy: back up only my data and 3rd-party apps, and plan on a reinstall of OS X if I ever have a HD crash. This way, the individual backups are much smaller, and if I do a reinstall, it'll clear out the cobwebs, so to speak.

A few days ago I got a 120GB external FireWire hard drive, and I went online and registered SD ~15 minutes ago. My Mac has a 40GB drive, only ~10GB of which is used, so I could easily have multiple partitions and sandboxes to play with on the FW drive.

I plan to make a safety clone when I've had the time to play around w/the FW drive, but I have a different question. Probably jumping the gun @ this point, but I can ask. I was thinking of doing a clean OS X install to a partition on the FW drive. Would it be possible then to meld this w/what's specific to my Mac and come up w/a cleaner backup than the safety clone?

At this point I'm not asking for a detailed how-to--I'd just like to know if it can be done. If not, please consider it requested for a future version of SD. Thanks.
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