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My license key doesn't work!

The most common reason for a rejected license key is accidentally copying extra characters along with the name or serial number. Often, that extra character is a carriage return, which makes it hard to tell there's something wrong: the rest of the text will scroll above the single-line field.

To fix this:

- Open the registration window.
- Click in the name field and press Cmd-a, followed by delete.
- Click in the license key field, press Cmd-a, followed by delete.

At this point, the two fields should be empty. Carefully re-copy/paste the fields from your confirmation email, being sure to only copy the actual key (which has no spaces, but does have dashes between groups) and name.

When done, press OK -- SuperDuper should now be fully registered.

If this doesn't work, there are some other common problems that you might be experiencing:

- The "Name" field is automatically filled in with your "long" user name (the name that appears at the "login screen" for OS X). This might not be the same name you used when registering SuperDuper!, so be sure you use the name provided in the receipt if it's different.

- If your clock is not set properly, your registration may not work, even if the text is correct.

- Make sure you're running the most recent version of SuperDuper! Keys generated after October 27th or so are slightly different than older ones, and are not compatible with versions of SuperDuper! prior to v1.5. (Old keys, however, continue to work.)

If all else fails, please contact us at -- we're here to help, and will try to get you going as quickly as possible.
--Dave Nanian

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