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Cannot Run Ms Office 2004 Apps from Sandbox


I recently installed MS Office 2004 on my Mac HD partition. I then cloned a Sandbox partition(shared users and Apps). Of the four office apps, namely, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Entourage, only Entourage will run from Sandbox. When I run office 2004 on my original partition(Mac HD), they all work fine.

I followed your instructions to another user who had problems with Virtual PC and created a new script which copied rather than shared the complete MS Office 2004 folder in the Applications folder. After using this script to reclone, I found identical behavior, Entourage runs, the other apps do not.

Up until now I had been running Microsoft Office X. I have had no problems running all of its apps from Sandbox while being shared.

Any ideas?

Martin Kalman
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