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Will Time Machine make SuperDuper obsolete?

THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON SUPERDUPER. I have been using SuperDuper for 3 + years and it has saved me MANY times. In fact my father used it to back up his iBook a couple of weeks ago and two days later his internal hard drive died. He would have lost everything. We bought a new Macbook that day and 2 hours later using SuperDuper he was back in action - the ONLY thing he lost were the previous days e-mails. I am a huge fan of this program.

But I am curious whether Time Machine will do the same thing that SuperDuper does - I understand it has the "go back in time feature" but does Time Machine allow you to "clone" like Super Duper does?

I also heard that Time Machine takes up a trendendous amount of disk space.

I am thinking that I might use both programs, which would mean I would buy a bigger hard drive for Time Machine to use. It can't hurt to have double back ups.

But the "clone" function of SuperDuper is too useful, and I like how all my settings are exactly as the were before. Any one using both? Comments?
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