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Same approach for iCal?

I'm a Mac lover and a software developer, but strangely I've never developed Mac software, so your ability to make iTunes' user interface appear on a different computer seems like black magic to me!

Anyway, whatever you're using, could it be used with other applications, such as iCal? And could it be made to work over the Internet rather than just locally?

A huge limitation of iCal is that replication is only one-way. I have iCal running on my Mac at home, and calendar entries get replicated to my laptop (via the service). But inserts and edits must be made on the home machine. This is a huge inconvenience -- if I set up a new appointment while I'm out of the house, I want to be able to enter it in iCal on my laptop! If you could find a way to make my home iCal installation's window appear on my laptop via the Internet, I'd surely open my wallet, and I'll bet a lot of other folks would too.

Tim Klein
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