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why averaging only 4MB/s and how to spare bad blocks?

thanks for a nice program.

i am paranoid about bad blocks on my backup drives, so what i do, and i am not sure if this is the right way, is i use Disk Utility>Security Options>Write Zeros and devote 3-4 hours for that.

then when its done, i select that HFS+ drive as the target of Smart Update.

the drive is a HFS+ GUID boot drive, 178GB, 434,000 files, average speed so far is 4MB/s and it started 9 hours ago.

It should be 32MB/s / 2 = 16MB/s since both are on the same FW400 bus.

i did a Smart Update because i was afraid that Superduper's Erase then Copy might do a reformat (does it?) which might possibly delete the drive firmware's bad block sparing table (do you know if that'strue?)

Is it so slow because I chose Smart Update?

Do you know if the sparing table survives reformats and gets appended to, and do you know of any tools that let you examine the table? I'd love to look at the table of a drive I have that I know has bad blocks, then reformat it, if Disk Utility is so willing, then reexamine the table.

PS - it finished. Time Elapsed 9hrs 47min. 4.92MB/s. 434,532 files evaluated. 419,122 files copied.

Do you know why the source is 182,958,063,616 bytes and the target is 182,121,922,560 bytes? that's about 763MB. looking at it now i see you didn't copy over 512MB of swap. wheres the rest, logfiles and computer specific prefs?

thank you very much

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