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Cloned I get a grey screen

I am replacing the 6Gb HD in my wife's iMac with a 40Gb. Using an IDE to USB cable, I setup and partitioned the 40 into 2 partitions an 8Gb for the startup files, and a 32Gb for all her junk. I ran SuperDuper and I guess that I screwed it up. After running SD, I disassebled the iMac and swapped drives. With the new drive, I just get a grey screen. Nothing else. I have the original drive in there now and I guess the I will erase the 8Gb partition and rerun SD.

All I want to do is clone the drive. I can do this on a PC with "Ghost" blindfolded but will readily admit my Mac ignorance. Can someone please spell out the correct steps for me like I am a 5 year old (or a Win user)

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