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Partitioning Backup hard drive???

I do not have my G5 yet but expect it in the next three days (he hopes ). As I'm not real computer savvy I'm trying to get everything straight in my head so I'm set to go when it arrives.

My question is this. I have a 250GB main hard drive from Apple and a 320GB second internal hard drive that I will be installing myself as a back up location. With past computers I always make one backup when a new box arrives with the hard drive as it came from the mfg. (brand new with just the back up program installed). This backup is never changed. That way I can restore to a pristine hard drive if absolutely necessary.

After that's done I make a second backup with apps and personal files that I update regularly. After talking w/ Dave I found that I will need to partition my backup HD if I want to put more than one clone on it. That's cool. Only one problem - I don't have a clue how to do that or how big to make the partition(s).

Can someone help me with this? How big do I need to make the first partition that will just hold the Mac hard drive as it came from the factory? Also, how can I find this info myself when the G5 gets here. I don't want to waste HD space on the first clone that will never be changed.

The other question: I was going to leave the rest of the backup HD as the second partition but after reading the on-line SD manual I may need to partition again for "Safety clones." Is this true? One partition for the "regular" bootable clone and one for the Safety clone?

Thanks in advance for your advise and help.

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