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sparse image creep revisited

I've read a couple of previous threads on this topic and I still don't understand what the solution is.

I perform a daily backup of personal files, about 14 GB, to a sparse image located on a partition that is 200 GB and contains nothing but the sparse image. Until about a month ago, daily backup took about 2 minutes. Suddenly it jumped to 13 minutes. I thought it odd but kind of ignored it until recently. I discovered that the finder says the sparse image is 184 GB!, and that I only have 16 GB to spare.

I did an erase and copy, but got same results.

I backup the entire Hard Drive once a week to another partition and that is only 113 GB total!

So what exactly is the solution for backing up to a sparse image on its own separate partition? Do I have to erase the entire partition and throw the sparse image away—and then create a new sparse image? Do that every month or so??? Start with a sparse image of 14 GB and watch it march toward 184 GB?

I am not a programmer and don't know how to invent a script to clean out the volume automatically.

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