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Erase, then Copy: Disk Image Size Planning

So, I got a "No space left on device" message while trying to update a sparse image using a smart update "Erase, then copy". I can honestly say I'm happy about this. Because an "Erase, then failed copy" could create a big issue.

Now, I'm trying to plan for how much flex space to add to the sparseimage. What is SuperDuper! actually doing on this? Does it copy all the new stuff first and then erase? Or, does it erase after each file is successfully copied?

I much prefer the latter as I think that means I need to make my sparse image bigger than the largest file I could expect to have. The former has me adding a lot of space to disk images based of how many big files could get updated (and with a digital photographe wife, producing MANY 60 MB files in a day, that adds up to be a lot).


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