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My Setup

Here is how I balance the two backup services...

I had an External firewire 800 Lacie drive. I swapped out the stock 200GB and put in a new 500GB drive.

I gave it 4 partitions:

1) 10GB - Leopard - "Mac OS X Install DVD" made from the actual DVD
Leopard Install DVD image so I do not have to go looking for it!

2) 100GB - "SuperDuper"
The SuperDuper will be used for making bootable copies of my internal Powerbook laptop drive (Once it is released for Leopard). I typically have it run a smart-copy every workday at 9am... when I am at meetings

3) 100GB - "AltBoot"
The AltBoot is just that... a place to play if needed.

4) 255 GB - "TimeMachine"
TimeMachine Drive to have the hourly backups for versioning.

I think things would be allot different if TimeMachine copies were bootable... but they are not.

I have used Superduper backups tons of times to allow me to keep working regardless of which machine I am on... especially when I have to ship my laptop off for repairs... I just bot up the backup and keep working on a spare Mac.

FYI - the now spare 200GB drive is mounted using a simple USB to IDE cable... to allow me to get content off that drive. Since I have a non-intel.. I cannot boot off USB... just read the drive data. That will change when I get my Intel. My backup setup will stay the same though.

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