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Similar issue:
Clone of startup drive (Tiger 10.4.11) 90GB on 250GB HDD to a WD My Book Pro II 1TB via FW800 (set to RAID 1 @ 500GB w/ 2x 250GB Partitions [My Book 1 and My Book 2]) it's at 23GB after 10 Hrs? Writing directly to the drive.

I canceled an earlier attempt that was taking a long time and booted of the Install DVD to run Disk Util; ran a repair of startup disk and My Book 1 and no errors were found.

Throughput via FW800 is running at 0.80 MB max (seems to average 0.50 MB) which would seem like pouring a gallon of milk through a juice box straw ie "take the hands off the clock we're gonna be here awhile".

I'm trying to get a bootable clone so that I can upgrade to Leopard with a "safety net" in case something goes wrong.

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