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Exclamation XServe "clone" from Mirrored RAID to single drive

I have 2 two-year old 120 Gb drives in my XServe G4, one of which failed three weeks ago. I'm still recovering data. I'm replacing the two "old" drives with 4 108 Gb drives. One will run the system, backup apps, image catalogs, archival libraries and pre-archive final project files. The other three will contain daily user backups.

Will SuperDuper make a clone of my XServe system with all users and groups privileges, all Apple recommended files that should be cloned, and make that clone from a Mirrored RAID to a single 180 Gb drive, that I can use as my new "Server"? Then I could remove the RAID drives and keep them for emergency use. I think I understand that the cloning process looks at volumes and would not care if the drive was a RAID or not. Correct?

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