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Smile The Testimonial (aka TYVM-4-SD!) Thread

Seemed to me that anytime SD! saves our bacon, it might be fun to chalk up a public thank you.
OK, I'll go first...

I've got a scheduled-in-the-middle-of-the-night SD! smart update to an external HD that runs daily. It's been about 60 days since I did my last full backup, so there were 60 days of incrementals interleaved in there..

This AM, as is my wont, I first checked that the SD! run on my up-to-rev OSX 10.4.7 Mac PowerBook G4 went normally -- it always does. Someday I'll just take that for granted I spoze.

Anyhoo for biznizz right after that this morning, I had to visit a website whose code insisted that any browser touching it be MSIE (yecch). So I abandoned my nice up-to-rev FireFox and opened my antique, no-longer-supported-by-MicroSmoosh-on-the-Mac copy of MSIE. Did my biznizz on the stupid site via MSIE.

Shortly thereafter (I blame MSIE) I had a bizarre sys crash that wiped out virtually ALL of my customizations -- dock and sys bkgd were default, my various OS tweax were gonzo. It would have been a long slog to re-create all that work...

Did I worry? Nope. Just booted from last nite's backup image. Which came up fine, albeit a tad slower since it was running over FireWire. Checked the files that I'd written last nite prior to turning in. All fine.

Then I used SD! to erase the smooshed internal disk on my Mac and copy over the ENTIRE bootable ext image.

My bacon, she is saved! My Mac's rebootable as of old! TYVM-4-SD!

Over to you...
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