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Well, I found my Panther install disks, and my Ti-PbG4 weirdly regained the ability to boot. (Not that I believe this will last... gonna replace that puppy ASAP).

The Laptop was of course bootable off of the Panther install CD. This where I temporarily forgot the instructions you so kindly repeated, Dave...

So, right after I found I could boot from the Panther CD, I started up the laptop while holding down the OPTION key, and got to make the usual (rather cryptic-in-the UI, ain't it! But at least it's internationalized already) choice between booting from the internal HD or from the ext HD partition into which SD! had copied it a couple days back at 3AM. Lo and behold, I could miraculously boot from the ext HD, and (forgetting the need to use the Panther CD in my eagerness to restore the internal HD) I called up the Disk Utility on the ext HD and used it to

* erase the internal HD of the Ti-PbG4, and then to

* restore the ext HD partition back onto the internal HD. (This process took about 3 hours.

I must have remembered a smidge of the instructions, because I found myself wondering, as the copy-time wore on, whether the fact that I was USING the image I was copying onto the Ti-book would mess things up.

Well, apparently not so much -- at least at first glance. I was happy to see that everything that had been on the ext HD was now on the internal HD -- but when I tried booting the Laptop, I saw something I hadn't seen in years -- the folder-with-a-questionmark-on-it signifying that that disk wasn't bootable!

So that's when I remembered that I should have been booted from the Panther CD instead of from the ext HD that was going to be the source of the copying. I immediately shut down the Ti-PbG4-booted-from-the-ext-HD cleanly, using the Apple menu's SHUT DOWN option.

So just now I booted from the Panther install CD, called up the Disk Utility, and had it look at the various disk images it could "see" and gather info on.

There was the Panther CD, which it said was bootable...

There was the ext HD image of the Ti-PbG4 that was stored on my ext HD, which I had successfully booted from; Disk Utility reported THAT as bootable also.

What stopped me in my tracks, however -- and the first thing I'd like your comment on -- was that Disk Utility reported that the internal HD was ALSO bootable, even though I had failed to boot successfully from it only a few minutes previously. (I had only tried and failed once because that's when I remembered that I should have copied after having booted from the Panther install CD, erased the target, and then restored to that target.)

So, (1) any idea why Disk Utility would report the internal HD as bootable even though it failed to boot normally?


(2) Now that I'm in the midst of another 3-hour restore using as the SOURCE the ext HD after I ran my Laptop off of it for a few hours earlier today, thus possibly changing that image, and using as the TARGET my internal HD-- is there any reason to expect that the restored copy onto my internal HD will be unbootable?

FWIW, in closing: Now that I've "gotten the hang of" Disk Utility, it makes lots more sense to me how this is used in conjunction with SD! to recover from mishaps.
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