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Time for 2.4 TB first copy?

Hi all,

We are doing a fresh copy using Smart Update to a disk image from one Mac Pro RAID to another Mac Pro RAID over a 1000BT network with a 3Com Gigabit switch. (Both machines use RocketRAIDs.) The source volume has 2.4 TB of data.

The disk image on the backup has been 2.02 TB for about 14 hours now, total elapsed time for the copy has been 33 hours.

The effective copy speed shown this morning is 0.16 MB/s. If my math is right and the copy speed is accurate, it will take another 25 days to finish the copy.

I know SD shows negative copy speeds erroneously, but the Effective Copy Speed displayed seems to match the increase in the disk image size.

Is there a benefit to stopping the copy and re-starting it? Our experience is that stopping the copy midway leaves the disk image unmountable and unusable - is there a safe way to stop and re-start?

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has copied similar amounts of data and the copy times for it.

Thanks to all!
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