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About to Partition / Clone Powerbook to a New Formatted Drive (question)

Hi Dave & All ---

As predicted, I'm back with questions......

I really just need confirmation on the best way to go about prepping a new Ext. HDD before using Superduper! ---

Within Disk Utility on the Powerbook, I can partition the External Drive as needed, correct? The Lacie External HDD (500g) is already formatted & prepped for use (AppleHFS+) - should it be necessary to re-do this?

My current 'Get Info' usage / available sizes are as follows;

Capacity > 74.52 gig
Available > 32 gig
Used > 42.51 gig

I'm planning on partitioning the drive so there will be a separate BootableDrive area from future file/info saves. THE BIG QUESTION IS.... What size do I make the partitions on the Ext. Drive?!

I've read two pieces of info. One suggests a partition for a Clone/Bootable Drive Copy only needs to be as large as the 'Used Amount' on the Source/HomeDrive/Powerbook (i.e. 42.51 / 43gigs in my case). Other info suggests having a partition as large as the Source Drive itself (i.e. 74.52 /75gigs my case)... uh, anybody?

I'm thinking of creating one partition for the Bootable clone (43 or 75gigs) and dividing the remaing space with two more partitioned sections - not sure what sizes. Maybe in the future I'll want to clone a shiny new MBP, etc...

Suggestions, anyone --- what do you do?

Thanks loads in advance for any info!


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