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you're booted to a clone!

SuperDuper is wonderful, and I use it regularly for backups. I am troubled, however, by the fact that when I'm booted to my clone, there is nothing on my Desktop that indicates that.

Case in point. Let's suppose there is a power failure, and my internal drive craps out. When the power returns, my Mac automatically boots to my clone and, for all intents and purposes, things look exactly the same. If my internal drive craps out, I want to know that asap! But the only way I can know that is by going to "About this Mac" and seeing which startup disk is listed there. I would not ordinarily do that.

This is perhaps more a system issue than a SuperDuper issue, but I'm wondering if there is some strategy that lets the user know that their internal drive has crapped out, and one is booted to a clone.
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