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No space left on source ?

Hi !

My (only) HD is splitted into two partitions, one for my current OS X Tiger work environnement , the other used as a backup space (well of course it won't protect me against a hardware failure, so I should better said I use it to "go back" just in case I would kill my OS).

My disk contains 2* 37,5 Gb partitions.

My OS X installation + 3rd party progs represents more or less 300 000 files and 10 Gb.

From times to times I make a full backup with the latest SD build , erasing partition 2, copying partition 1 on partition 2, making partition 2 bootable.

It works fine, but when +/- 160 000 files (6 gb) of files have been copied, a message pops up to tell me there's almost no space left on source partition ( but I can click OK and it continues without any problem).
Is it because of the TEMP files ?

Speed is quite slow ( from 2 to 4 kb/s) but I believe it's quite normal as only one physical drive is used for both source and destination. Also , it's only a Mac Mini drive ...

Anyway, best regards

"On" since the Amstrad CPC6128 times , but only mac user for 6 months.
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