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Huge size difference between main HD and SD clones

I'm surely posting an FAQ but I'm puzzlzed by the following :

I regularly clone my main disk, called "Leopard HD" (running actually Snow Leopard 10.6.7) to two different extenal drives, using smart update, and neglecting "repair permissions on Leopard HD".

"Get Info"gives a size of 69,9 GB for Leopard HD and 41.89 GB for the clones.
I'm surprised at the huge difference. I know that SD does'nt copy a lot of files which are recreated at startup,but what can be these 28 GB which are not copied ? Is that normal ?
I must say that the clones work perfectly with no apparent difference from the main disk. Thus my question is purely out of curiosity.
Thanks for any light on the subject.
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