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Exclamation Help restoring MacBook

Before I give up entirely I'm hoping for advice.
I have an MacBook Intel Duocore 2.0, 160 gb, 2mb ram, Tiger 10.4.11 It will not boot from anything. There is no drive clicking noise. I went to the Genius bar and they mounted from an external FW and tried Disk Utility but couldn't repair, no red alert S.M.A.R.T. status.

I tried booting from:
  • Original Tiger Install disk
  • DiskWarrior v.41 CD
  • FW target mode from an iMac Intel Duo Core (same OS version).
  • External USB 500 Maxtor drive where I had mirrored the MacBook using SuperDuper! (but did not format drive using GUID partition, who knew?)
  • SanDisk 2GB Cruser USB Flash stick, formatted GUID partition, used "DasBoot" freeware to copy DiskWarrior CD and DataRescueII. No boot.

I have an old external OWC FW 400 (Oxford CS), 40 GIG and reformatted it to see if I could make it a boot drive, but it fails to make a GUID partition.

I just need to get some photos off the MacBook. Is there a way to make a boot drive from original install DVD? Any help appreciated.

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