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Angry my files written over as aliases during backup

Well, apparently, i don't know what i'm doing with aliases or Superduper.

I have my first drive linking to my second drive, via aliases, so that I can actually drag and drop larger files on my first drive into my second drive for storage.

The second drive is used for backup and storage only. But I did not know that during a backup, an alias on the first drive ...if it is the same name.. that it can write over the original file.

Now my original files are aliases on both drives.. wonderful, eh?

I was kind of hoping that Superduper would recognize the difference between a file and it's alias based on the fact that it's an alias, not by the name alone.

oh well.

So just a warning to alias users, don't change the name of an alias from
'mystuff alias' to 'mystuff' and back it up or you're probably going to screw yourself.
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