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Upgrading To Leopard


First of, I apologize if these questions are really basic or if I use the wrong terms: I am completely new to SuperDuper! and this is my first operating system update using my Mac (just converted 6 months ago).

So, all my research says me I should copy my Mac hard drive using SD! before I install Leopard. My setup is that I am using a iMac running 10.4.11 and, in my office, we have a server that I believe runs using Linux. This server doesn't have much on it and I would like to create a bootable backup of my system on that server. Is that possible even though that system is not a Mac machine?

If yes, can I boot from that machine to test that the backup is indeed bootable? From there, I guess I would run the install of Leopard using the "archive & install" option. Is there any benefit to the "erase and install" option over that? As I said, my system is only 6 months old and the erase option makes me kind of nervous.

Thanks in advance for any input/advice!
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