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Clone Won't Boot

Been using SD for over a year now with no problems and even purchased a second copy for the wife's iMac. I have three cloned bootable partitions on a LaCie 750 GB connected via FW800. I now have a new iMac i5 w/ SL however the other mac was updated to SL 10.6.2 using the 10.5.8 clone when necessary.

I tried to boot into 10.5.8 clone as I have done with no problems in the past (need this clone just to use our HP Scanner as HP does not have the drivers for the G4050 scanner for SL YET.......

When I now try to boot into 10.5.8 clone using the option key I get the bootable drive selections and when selecting 10.5.8 all I get is a gray screen with the apple logo and that is it. No matter how long I wait the start up does not happen. I've gone into utilities from the startup HD and repaired the 10.5.8 drive but still nothing happens. (actually it said no repairs necessary)

This is the first instance I've ever had with SD and the clones. Otherwise, everything has been great.

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