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Schedule automatic network backup.

Hi there.
I have some problem with the scheduled auto backup. What i would like to do it, for every 3 days, I do a complete system back up, and each day between the complete system back up, I do incremental backup.

So yesterday i setup a testing environment, and I have the configuration as the following:
--Every day at 5:10 pm, I schedule a complete system backup, writing to a sparse image on the network storage. The sparse image is named as "backup". The backup type is "back up all files" with "erase and copy" option.

-Every day at 2:30 am, 4:30am and 6:30 am, I scheduled 3 different incremental backups. The settings are identical except starting time. They have the following settings: the destination is also "backup". Backup type is "backup all files " with "Copy different" option.

I left my office at 5 yesterday and allow my mac to do the back up testing scheme it self. When I came back this morning...

Only the initial full system backup was successful. All incremental backups were failed.

I will post the backup log. and please tell me why this is happening. Thanks.
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