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Can't Boot from SD clone on LaCie External Drive

I have two kinds of LaCie portable external drives - Porshe and Little Disk connected to my Mac Mini via firewire. On the older drive (Porshe), I have partitioned the drive (GUID) and formatted two partitions in MAC OS Extended (Journaled). I cloned Leopard using Superduper onto one of the partitions for emergency situations, and my Mac Mini easily boots up from the Porsche clone. However, with the new drive (Little disk), I did the same thing and my Mac mini won't boot up from the Leopard clone on the Little Disk. I actually tried this with a second Little Disk, and the same non-booting problem occurred. I have tried the procedure several times with the regular copying and with Smart Update. Can anyone figure out why I can use the older drive as a boot but not the newer one?
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