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Canít boot from clone - Tiger

Hi everyone:

I have searched the forums for an answer to this question but cannot seem to find it, so I am posting a new thread. If this has been answered elsewhere and I simply did not find the right thread, I apologize in advance.

I have been a faithful user of SuperDuper for many years. I backup my MacBook Pro to two different external firewire drives, usually a couple of times a week. I am planning to upgrade from OS X 10.4.11 to 10.5.3 in the next few weeks and so I have been trying to get my laptop in a condition where I can get the OS upgraded without too much hassle.

As part of that, I tried to boot the laptop from the external drive(s) and found that I was unable to do so. I now have clones of my MBP on three different drives and none of those will boot, even though I have SD set to ďmake bootable.Ē When I try to boot from the external drives, the clone shows up when I start up the laptop with the Option key down, but then I get the grey screen and the little beach ball spins. I have waited about 15 minutes or so for the clones to boot with no success.

I have no idea why this is occurring. However, any insight would be appreciated. There is probably a simple solution that I am missing.

Thanks in advance.

Bob Q.
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