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Clone Disaster


I just cloned my macbook pro internal drive to a USB "2.5" 500GB partition as always,
This drive has 2 partitions, one is LEOPARD DVD install and the other is for cloning my internal drive.

When the clone was done, i got the complete successful green light from "SuperDuper" saying so., i then chose to restart from my "Leopard install DVD" partition of the same hard drive using the reference pain, which showed 3 options, Internal HD, DVD install of osx and my clone, so it was there clearly showing all 3 contained a system.

After restarting with the DVD clone partition, i erased my internal MBP drive to re install a fresh system, totally un aware that my CLONE partiition never atcually took place properly or got corrupted!

Here is all that it contains!
1- Applications folder, with only a utilities folder in it and 3 things.
2- BaseSystem.pkg.174pMDO8jm cintains BaseSystem.plan and a reciepts folder.
3-bin folder EMPTY,
4-Library, with a Application Support folder, audio folder, Documentation â, Preferencesâ and a Receipts â.
5- privateâ
6- sbinâ 2 items
7-System â with a library folder, with many empty folders.
8-usrâ with several empty folders

454GB available still after 3 hours of waiting for a clone to be done,

Originally, the drive had iMovie, FCP, logic and pro tools sessions., well over 200 GB, ALL GONE now, as well as my calender, address book and browser book marks and prefs.

Any help appreciated

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