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Does SuperDuper really clone the complete harddisk with partion for Mac & Windows?

I have a MacBook, Intel Core Duo, 2GHz, 1GB Memory

Harddisk:- Toshiba 60GB (Partion 40GB - Journaled HFS+) & (Partion 20GB - MS-DOS FAT32).

I would like to upgrade my internal harddisk to 100GB.

Question: Does SuperDuper make clone for the complete hard-disk for both the 40GB and 20GB into the 100GB in single task?
If so, where's the new extra 40GB going to? the mac partion or th MS partion?

Or, I would have to clone twice? One for the mac, and another time for the MS partion?

Hope someone can explain more... Thank you in advance
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