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? about multiple partitions

I am trying to decide how to proceed. My internal drive has 4 partitions, one is a bootable start up disk, the others have aliases linked to the bootable drive. For example, my documents folder on the start up disk is an alias. The actual documents folder lives on a different partition. (I am in this situation because I am pretty bad at guessing how big to make my partitions!) Anyway, I have two goals: first, creating a back up of everything, then erasing all the partitions on the internal drive, and restoring everything back to one partition. Do I need to partition my external drive to match the internal partitions and back up each partition separately or can I backup the startup partition, then use the backup alongside files option on the other three partitions? If I use the later technique, can I then reverse the backup back to a single, reformatted partition? Will all my aliases be broken?

Hope this post isn't too confusing. Thanks for your advice!
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