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Slow Backup under 10.4.5

Really appreciate using SuperDuper. Lets me sleep at night, but lately . . .

Using 10.4.5 and SD! 2.01 my backup times are dramatically longer.
I used to backup over a long lunch (1 hour). Now I'm estimating 5 +hours to complete a backup.

I'm using a firewire 400 drive. To be fair I"m backing up 100gig of data.

Effective copy speed has settled in at 2.41 MB/sec.

I'm booted in "safe mode" and I'm monitoring the console.log: Getting lots of

"2006-02-21 09:09:30.601 SuperDuper![167] Unable to retrieve volume name
2006-02-21 09:09:30.766 SuperDuper![167] LOGGED EXCEPTION: FSGetVolumeInfo failed., reason: Unable to retrieve volume name, userInfo: (null)"

Any assistance would be appreciated!
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