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Backup Taking Too Long!

I just downloaded and tried using SuperDuper today, but something must be wrong. My systems in a 2.0GHz iMAC running OSX 10.4 that was just installed two days ago. All software had been updated as of 1 October 2005. It has a 250GB disk of which 17GB are being used.

The backup drive is an 80GB drive in an external Firewire enclosure. It is brand new and empty. It was partitioned using the iMac Disk Utilities.

I started the SuperDuper! process hoping to create a bootable backup cloned disk of the iMac system disk. After 2 1/2 hours it was only 50% done. So I Stopped and started the process again.

Right now SuperDuper! is reasing the external drive. It has been running 16 minutes on "/Volumes/BACKUP/Applications" and the progress bar at the bottom of the windows shows about 5% complete.

What is going wrong? No program can be this slow!!!
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