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Seagate's largest capacity Portable Backup Plus is 1.5TB; the Desktop model goes up to 4TB. Their Expansion drives are up to 1TB/4TB and less expensive without the backup software (useless to me with SD! ).

Amazon reviews now tend to favor WD externals over Seagate, though I still tend more towards Seagate.

Love my two 1TB (Samsung HN-M101MBB) USB3 Oyen Digital drives, even while being limited to USB2 usage.

Puzzling to me why externals seem generally less expensive than internals, coinciding with increased USB3 and SSD3 popularity?

Think I can postpone more portable drive purchases for a bit. Instead, maybe get at least a 2TB external, swap internals with my miniStack's 1TB, and semi-retire my 500GB PATA FW400 external before it fatally retires itself.

End of rambling.
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