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Using SD when needing to resize partition ??

Hi - hope you can help ...

I've ploughed through most of the forum threads and product details but can't quite get to put a set of answers or process together ...

What I want to do is to copy an existing OSX install from one HD to another, reformat and partition the original HD to be larger, then copy back the OSX install ...

The questions I have are:

I presume from what I've read SD will do this but will it only copy back to a 'same size' partition as it copied from ?

What is the best way to run SD - will it run on the OSX install to be backed up or do I need to boot from an external source ?

AS this is a 'one-off' exercise I don't need to do incremental backups, etc ... what setting for copying the OSX install do I use - is it backup or disk image ?

Any answers appreciated and then I can get on and buy SD and get this backup done !!


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