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Smart update copying all files each time

I have two external firewire drives - one contains mp3s, the other has a number of partitions, each used for backing up various drives.

Since I upgraded to Tiger it seems like SuperDuper! is copying all files from one disk to another when I do a Backup. eg, a few days ago I did a backup of the MP3 drive to its backup copy - all files were copied (it took nearly two hours). I assumed maybe this was something to do with my recent Tiger install, and that it would be OK next time.

But I just did another backup, and again it seems to copy all files - 1h 45m. So I've just tried again, not long after it finished, and it's started to copy everything once more - ten minutes in and it hasn't got far through the files.

Maybe I've done something silly to cause this, but I can't think what... Any help appreciated, thanks.
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