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Thanks Dave, but.....

Thanks Dave, but.....while I share your Mac passion, you will find that many of us for reasons we cannot fight, must use M$ Windoz. The Intel Mac's w/ BootCamp allow me to actually use my MacBook Pro on the road with Lockheed Martin, an all M$/Windoz Corp. It is the only was I can VPN.
I think you will find that BootCamp, or OS 10.5 with BootCamp built-in, will be a HUGE draw for the platform.
Apple created BootCamp knowing it would draw in a much larger pool of owners, and perhalps you folks should consider that point of view as well.
I am fully aware that what we are asking is difficult for a small company, but long term -- as Apple is thinking, would put you folks even more ahead of your compeitiors than you already are....
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