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New cloned fw drive will not boot

I just downloaded Super Duper and gave it a try with my G4 Powerbook. Did all the preliminary things as erase and partition of the drive prior to running SD. SD went through all the steps including "Make bootable" and "Make startup" before ending. After ending, tried to boot from the drive w/o success. Tried both ways, Option key hold while booting, fw drive did not show up, and Sys Pref Startup Drive. The latter only gave me a blue screen with a yellow FW icon floating around the screen. I am using a Meritline USB 2 / FW enclosure with a Hitachi/IBM Travelstar drive. My intention is to clone to a 100GB drive and install it into my Powerbook once I know it will boot. Even though the fw drive won't boot, is it problable that it will boot once installed into the Powerbook?
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