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Unable to See Mounted Drive to Save Image (10.5.2)

Hi all,
First time user and new to the OSX world.
I have 2 computers 1 running 10.4.x and 1 running 10.5.2.
I have a new Qnap 409 pro network attached storage device. I want to create a backup from each computer to the qnap. I created shares and am able to mount the drives on each client computer.
For some reason, I am unable to see the mounted drives from within SD!. I am trying to create a sparse image of my local HD and save it to the mounted drive (images).
The one running 10.4 can see the mounted 'images' drive, but the 10.5.2 can not.
Am I missing a setting on the 10.5.2 machine?
Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question.

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