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Can I use a USB enclosure instead?

I got my new Hitachi drive in the mail today and am anxious to preform the upgrade. But I have been unable to find a 2.5 HD Firewire enclosure for SATA HD's in any of my local stores (Fry's, Best But, etc).

Even looking online, the only Firewire enclosures that I could find that were compatible with my new 2.5 SATA drive were expensive $90 kits from OWC and Radtech.

Do I need a Firewire enclosure? Can I use a USB enclosure to perform the upgrade?

I am not planning on booting from the enclosure; I only need the enclosure so that I connect the new 200GB Hitachi HD to my new C2D Intel Mac Mini and clone my existing 80GB Hitachi HD to the new 200GB Hitachi HD.

After the cloning process is complete, I am going to open up the mini and swap out the HD's. Would this process work with an USB enclosure? Or would SuperDuper write some USB code onto the new HD in the USB enclosure and prevent it from booting up my Mac Mini once it is installed in the mini?


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