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Ok. It's finished - 4 mins 07 secs - and it copied a fair bit over immediately after I'd just cloned it (and I only have firefox open?).

This time the smart copy has done what it normally does - it's Ok.

There's no other options I could have chosen to make it erase the rest of the mirror volume though, is there?

The main backup choices are:

1. Backup - all files

2. Backup - user files

3. Safety Clone - shared users and applications

4. Safety Clone - shared users

And the Options are:

1. Erase mirror then copy files from main

2. Smart update mirror from main

3. Copy newer files from main to mirror

4. Copy different files from main to mirror

So what could I have chosen (assuming that I did) that would have caused this?

I'm pretty certain I chose the same options as I normally do - as I have this last time. It would be reassuring to know what went wrong

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