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Issues in Duplicating Dual G4 OS X on to iBook G3?

My wife uses a dual G4 system and an iBook G3. She uses the former for video editing and the latter for word processing and e-mail, etc. Rather than constantly updating two systems. I thought it would be easier if I set everything up on the desktop and then used SuperDuper to copy the setup on to her laptop. However, I was wondering if there are any issues involved in using the OS X installation for the one computer on the other? In other words, do I have to install OS X from scratch on her iBook to avoid some kind of incompatibility in how OS X is installed on her dual G4, or will it work OK on her laptop? I did try this already and it seemed to boot OK - but I wanted to make sure before I start using this as a long term solution. It is very time consuming to have to update and maintain multiple computers. (Any files she creates on her iBook she stores to a USB keychain, so there is no worry about loss of data.)
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