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Originally Posted by dnanian
SuperDuper... doesn't do "incremental backups" in the traditional sense: that is, you can't access the "older" files once you've replaced them with newer versions....

Most people, though, don't require multiple levels of archive retrieval -- mostly, they're trying to keep another version of their drive (and, therefore, their data) around, in case something unexpected happens.
Hi Dave. I was just wondering if you have any plans to either:

A) Add incremental backup to SuperDuper!, or
B) Write a backup utility offering incremental backup.

I love SuperDuper!'s speed, features, and interface, but I need a true backup program, too. I had an unfortunate experience with bad RAM, such that when I booted from the cloned drive I'd been using as my "backup," the clone was corrupted beyond repair and I'm still putting the system back together.

I've moved away from Retrospect and am trying Tri-Backup, and while it's serviceable the interface is cluttered and confusing. I'd love to see Shirt-Pocket's take on what a backup utility should be, notwithstanding your blog comments knocking SuperDuper!'s current interface (the new one looks great, by the way). Thanks for your thoughts.
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