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only a couple of the third party audio units i had in my ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components survived the install of tiger. It may be that the upgrade deleted all the non compatible ones? (I hadn't checked the safety clone when I made it to see if they had been cloned then)

the same goes for all the other plugin types (MAS, VST). I can see them when I look at the corresponding folder on my panther install.

strange - in any case your tip about making a new clone with stuff that doesn't work well aliased will be very helpful

*** EDIT*** ok, just guess who did an archive and install tiger upgrade... so the missing plugins are all in a neat little previous systems folder. These are not aliased to the ones on the panther install, which makes it easier for me to test them

though if i'd done a straight upgrade to tiger they wouldn't have been moved out of the Library in the first place

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