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or should that be RESULT! as we say in London when something works

i was able to very easily upgrade my safety clone to tiger and 10.4.1

so far, there have been a few issues with shared "stuff" - I've had to reinstall some things like my Wacom tablet driver/ my midi interface drivers/ my broadband modem drivers but this was all pretty straightforward. in most cases i didn't even have to d/l newer drivers, just re-install the old ones.

the new installs replace the aliased ones from the safety clone (which isn't anymore).

I will have issues with Audio Units which don't show up in the tiger install because they live in /Library/Audio (not the user Library) which don't seem to have made it into the clone or into tiger (or is this just that they don't show up because they are not compatible with tiger?).

I'm now considering re-installing previously shared apps one by one in the tiger install to make sure everything works ok

anyway ...this has allowed me to slowly test and migrate stuff from panther to tiger so THANKS for your help and definitely Thanks for SuperDuper!!
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