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For those interested, the answer is "none of the above." Turned out the destination partition had an old image in it that I didn't know about. The copy ran fine UNTIL the drive got down to reported 0 bytes available. At that point, when I would have expected a warning message, activity slowed to a crawl, although not frozen or anything like that.

After clearing out everything in that partition, S'Duper ran as expected, antivirus and all.

Re antivirus, I've run that for years, and it regularly catches things in email - rigged zip file "invoices" are particularly popular right now. Yes, all but one have been Windoze payloads, but I don't really want to be passing those on to someone even if they do not affect me. And I was once infected by a Mac bug of some sort, rare as that might be. Fortunately, I was able to restore from my few-days-old S'Duper clone and all was well again.
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