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Missing *.kext files - going to retry

I did manage to overlook the sugg to shut down all other programs/processes before the cloning attempt. I didn't have anything else running, but during the 6-hour cloning, I imagine Time Machine cranked up a half-dozen times.

I'm going to shut Time Machine down the next time I try. Yes, the old USB2.0 port is a sloooow way to copy 250GB, and I let it crank overnight, but is the end result likely to be corrupted .. ie, yes it's slow, but is it also dangerous?

BTW, the SuperDooper! I have is v2.5 .. should work OK with Leopard v10.5.6?

Oh, about the complete/new reinstall vs. the repair? I think the original Leopard I purched on CD was v10.2. Apple has recently announced that v10.5.8 is available for download/updating. But here's a problem I haven't yet found a solution to: v10.5.8 is 759MB, more than will fit on a CD. And at my dial-up's speed, I get around 6MB/hr .. let's see: that looks like 126 hours .. 5+days! And that's if Earthlink doesn't drop the connection, which it does every half-hour, or so. Tsk!

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